This is how badly you lied to me

4/12/18 A bit more about the law of tort relating to misrepresentation and how the damages you can claim are calculated differently from a normal claim for breach of contract.

 I overpaid because you lied to me

Nov 2018 I’m not into football much myself but this recent Court of Appeal case relating to the sale of Nottingham Forest FC raises interesting non-football-related legal issues about how sellers can try to wriggle free from being liable for making lies which persuade buyers to buy.

Misrepresentation – something to grouse about

Aug 2014 In this case a Mr Erskine was looking to hire a grouse moor for commercial shooting. The hirer (‘VR’) overstated the number of grouse (or grouses; but not grice). Mr Erskine later set up a separate entity, Cramaso LLP, which entered into the contract. The grouse shortage was discovered and Cramaso sued VR for misrepresentation. Did it succeed, bearing in mind that it didn’t even exist when the representation was made?...