Good Faith

Law and faith

What does the expression ‘good faith’ mean when you put it in a shareholders agreement?

Meaning of ‘good faith’

28/6/18 Whilst it might make things a bit less commercially certain, my personal preference would be to insert a general duty of good faith into any contract. You can then rely on the English courts’ sense of fair play as to what this means. As with anything else, the case law on this (ie the law set out by a succession of cases in courts over time) will keep developing. The most important case law is set out by the Supreme Court and below that the Court of Appeal, because precedents they set have to be followed by lower courts. Cases at the Commercial Court are less important, but still help to set the tone...

What has good faith to do with a legal business contract?

28/6/18 English law has traditionally favoured the ability of businesspeople to negotiate whatever contracts they want in pursuance of their commercial interests, even if they manage to get the wording of the contract done in such a way as allows them to shaft the other guy. The argument is that it is better to have a contract which gives commercial certainty even if it might be unfair or has loopholes which can be abused...