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Shareholder arrangements and joint ventures:

Read this and tell me you don’t need a shareholders agreement

Explains the default position where you don’t have a shareholders agreement or tailored Articles of Association for your company.

Is your shareholders agreement fit for purpose?

A short introduction  as to why you might need a shareholders agreement in different shareholder scenarios which can arise during the course of a company’s lifecycle.

Shareholder agreements – preliminary questions for founders

Some questions founders should consider before they even think of divvying up the shares or asking someone to draft a shareholders agreement for them.

The top questions any shareholders agreement needs to address

Some of the key starting questions to ask when putting together any shareholders agreement, particularly one between founders.

Deadlock companies:

Chapter 1: The problem with 50:50 companies – deadlock paralysis

An introductory chapter which explains why deadlock paralysis can be such a pain and the basic ways in which you can prevent it.

Chapter 2: How can a shareholders agreement help prevent the potential paralysis caused by a fallout between the owners of a deadlock company?

Explains how having a well-thought-out and well-drafted shareholders agreement can help prevent the potential paralysis caused by a fallout between the owners of a deadlock company.

Chapter 3: Shareholder agreement provisions to provide an alternative result to the paralysis which any deadlock could otherwise cause

Explains various different ways in which a shareholders agreement might provide to break through the paralysis which could otherwise be caused by a fallout between the owners of a deadlock company.

Chapter 4: Other ways to deal with fallouts in deadlock companies

Finishes with some guidance as to other possible ways to help you resolve things, including how you can use the courts to help.

How to put a joint venture together

Some advice about things to think about when putting together a joint venture.


Company sales:

8 pitfalls business owners looking to sell their company should avoid

An introductory Guide.

Company sale pitfalls: Failing to plan for an exit

Company sale pitfalls: marketing your company for sale

Heads of Terms – FAQs

Company sale pitfalls: Not getting paid – the deferred payment

Company sale pitfalls: not getting paid – getting shares in the buyer instead of cash


Other share and business sale-related Guides:

Why you have warranties in business and share sales

Useful guidance on how the law works when you buy shares in a company and later have a warranty claim, and illustration from a 2019 case.

I overpaid because you lied to me

Some guidance on warranties and other provisions by reference to a 2018 case.

This is how badly you lied to me

Explains a bit more about the law of tort relating to misrepresentation and how the damages you can claim are calculated differently from a normal claim for breach of contract.



A brief introduction to consultancy

What provisions can you expect to see in a consultancy agreement?

How to work out whether a consultant is self-employed or an employee

Consultancy and data protection (as at 2019)

Legal status of consultants – legislation to be aware of (as at 2019)



Mothballs and Spring cleaning: how to survive in tough times

What can businesses do to survive and then thrive when things get back to (the new) normal? Some food for thought.

Confidentiality Agreements – Ten Top FAQs

Business models – Franchises

How to identify a company in financial difficulty

How should you deal with companies which are in financial difficulty or insolvency? Top 10 FAQ’s

Some home truths about solicitors