Value for money

For any given job Andrew can generally provide better value for money (adding more value at less cost) than more traditional law firms. How can this be?

  • A different business model and a lower cost base: Law firm partners can charge many £100s an hour. They need to feed their staff and other overheads. Andrew charges less per hour than he would as a partner in a regional or City law firm.
  • No junior lawyers: Unlike a law firm partner Andrew does not have to try to push work down to less value-for-money junior lawyers. It might take Andrew one hour to do what might take a more junior lawyer three hours – and Andrew will get it right and won’t have to check himself and will add a higher level of value in the process.
  • An experienced proportionate approach: Every job can vary, and the question is often how can a job best be done within a client’s budget. A £50m deal can raise the same issues as a £50k deal, but clients won’t want to pay the same legal fees. It needs different approaches to get the best deal done for the circumstances.

Andrew has spent his whole career advising business owners who see a close link between writing their business cheques and what they earn! This has led to Andrew developing a very efficient, thoughtful, focussed and cost-effective approach, rather than the ‘checklist’ approach adopted by so many large law firms. Andrew is experienced in providing an appropriately proportionate service tailored for each deal within each client’s budget. Andrew’s broad experience means he can see the woods for the trees and quickly identify and focus on the issues which are important for his clients.

“Benefit of ‘London experience’ without London prices”

“…a pragmatic business lawyer offering excellent value for money”

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