Business Advice

Sometimes you just want great legal services. But you can also use Andrew as a business friend, as a trusted counsel in whom you can confidentially confide any problems, needs, opportunities or concerns. You can use him as an on-hand sounding board for your aspirations, objectives, strategies and plans.

Andrew is not just a highly experienced company commercial lawyer – he comes with the benefit of insight and objectivity gleaned from years of experience dealing with a broad range of different types of business issues in a range of business sectors dealing with a whole spectrum of businesspeople with different types of personal and business concerns. Andrew is an expert at analysing the most complicated business issues and coming up with the best solutions which address his clients’ concerns and meet their objectives. As a result Andrew can contribute very useful advice at a strategic level on all sorts of strategic and operational areas, including:
strategic and business development
all sorts of routes to market
brand and reputation management
shareholder relations
joint ventures
strategic partnerships.

With this level and variety of experience (on top of the legal skills sets Andrew brings to the table) Andrew can add enormous value to any business’ senior management.

Many businesses tend to ask their lawyers and accountants to provide a reactive service, when they could be getting better value out of them by talking to them earlier and using them as a regular sounding-board – using them as an ‘onhand counsel ‘(TM!), as it were!