Mothballs and Spring cleaning

In these new conditions, what can businesses do to survive and then thrive when things get back to (the new) normal? Some food for thought

Why you have warranties in business and share sales

October 2019 A guide to how the law works when you buy shares in a company and later have a warranty claim. Plus a recent case (at 2019) about it. Quite a lot of background here (in fact there are three of them) but all possibly useful stuff to know particularly if you ever want to buy or sell a business…

This is how badly you lied to me

4/12/18 A bit more about the law of tort relating to misrepresentation and how the damages you can claim are calculated differently from a normal claim for breach of contract.

A guarantee precedent

Jan 2014 here’s a precedent you could use for a clause to slot into an agreement between you and a customer. Get legal advice on it before you use it. And of course make sure that it fits the agreement (eg getting the parties’ details right; you, for example, are ‘us’)....