I overpaid because you lied to me

Nov 2018 I’m not into football much myself but this recent Court of Appeal case relating to the sale of Nottingham Forest FC raises interesting non-football-related legal issues about how sellers can try to wriggle free from being liable for making lies which persuade buyers to buy.

The importance of checking your contracts

12/6/18 3 related articles here...Whilst it’s nice to be able to put a written business contract away in a drawer once it’s been negotiated and signed, a few recent cases highlight the importance of making sure you carefully read and follow any procedures they may provide for.

Pre-packs – administrators’ duties

March 2018 IP nicks phoenix fee: If you know you have a potential conflict of interest you should try all the harder not to be adversely influenced by it. When marking team squash matches I tend as a result to give more decisions in favour of the opposition. Playing a cricket match I once in my stint as umpire gave a hat-trick (nearly) of LBW decisions against my teammates. The last of them was a close combat instructor for the marines who gave me the 1,000 yard stare in the bar for the rest of the evening. I now try to avoid umpiring whenever I can...

Restrictive covenants case – form over substance

July 2017 A case about what I think is quite a silly way for the law to treat restrictive covenants...If you are entering into a business deal with someone, whether they are selling their business to you as part of which you are expecting to take over their customers, or providing services to you as part of which they could get to know your customers, you might well want to add a ‘restraint of trade’ or ‘restrictive covenant’ clause to your contract saying that after your business deal has ended they must not try to steal your customers or compete with your business. There is a whole lot of law about whether such clauses will be enforceable or not...